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Released on Jan 27, 2024
Release on: coming soon

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Action: Use Cases & Impacts of AI in Society, Business and Travel & Tourism

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly advancing from more than just an opportunity to a strategically vital business tool. Whether you are new to AI, or optimising your AI implementation, this report from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), in partnership with WTTC member and AI expert Microsoft will help Travel & Tourism leaders to understand the impact of AI on your business operations and the tremendous potential of AI technology to create more sustainable, personalised, and meaningful travel experiences.
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Report details

 WTTC’s ‘AI in Action’  report is your guide to AI use cases. Don't miss out on the opportunity to download  this report and become an AI pioneer that will enable you to transform your  organisation, optimise your operations and enhance your customer experiences.  

In this report you will:


🌍  AI Around the World

Explore  the real-world impact of AI on society and how it's shaping our daily lives.

💼  Boosting Business

Uncover  the practical applications of AI in business, including insights into how AI  impacts intellectual property and legal responsibility.

✈️  Transforming Travel & Tourism

Delve  into case studies from technology giants such as Microsoft, plus other WTTC  members, showcasing AI's dynamic applications in Travel & Tourism.

🏝️  Spotlight on Anguilla

Discover  the special reason why AI is making waves in Anguilla and benefiting its Travel  & Tourism sector.

🌱  Sustainable use of AI

Learn  about AI’s role in climate change and how to sustainably integrate AI into  your business.

🚀  Tomorrow's Technology

Stay  one step ahead by looking into the future of what’s next for AI, with  insights into AI agents, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and robotics.

📚 Bonus  Content (Annex)

Bonus  basic guide to prompting AI chatbots

For further explanation of the methodology and sources behind this Economic Impact Research, please refer to these two supporting papers: 'Methodology'and 'Data Sources and Estimation Techniques'.


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