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 The Social Impact of Global Tourism
Released on Dec 17, 2023
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The Social Impact of Global Tourism

This report from WTTC and the Sustainable Tourism Global Center (STGC), and supported by Oxford Economics, examines the social footprint of the Travel & Tourism sector globally, broken down by age, gender and wage.
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Report details

The report delves deeper into the social findings of the Environmental and Social Impact Research. In addressing youth and female employment, the report discusses how the Travel & Tourism sector contributes to the job market for young individuals and female workers. The report also assessed the extent to which the sector provides high-wage jobs.  

In addition to these thematic analyses, the report extends its scope to include regional and national trends to highlight differences that emerge in various socio-economic contexts.  

This multi-faceted approach provides holistic insights on the socio-economic implications of Travel & Tourism employment that are valuable in informing policymakers and stakeholders seeking to further enhance the significance of the sector.  

For further details on the methodology of the report, see Travel & Tourism Environmental & Social Impact Methodology

The other reports based on the results from the Environmental & Social Research are The Environmental Impact of Global Tourism Report and Water Roadmap for Travel & Tourism.


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